Oracle Card, Oracle Card Reading, Angel Card, Spectrum Roc Therapy
Oracle Card, Oracle Card Reading, Angel Card, Spectrum Roc Therapy

So .... What are Oracle Cards?

Well, Oracle Cards are an ancient form of divination similar to Tarot or Runes.  They get their name in part from ancient Greece, where the Oracle was a revered person through whom the Gods were thought to speak, and who would be visited for answers in exchange for an offering.

Never heard of them?  Think they are the same as Tarot Cards?

Well they are both card divination tools, but that’s where the similarity ends. 

Tarot is very structured.  Although the artwork may be different, all decks follow the same format.   Every deck has 78 cards and is split into major and minor arcana, with the latter being divided further into four suits: pentacles, wands, swords and cups. 

Oracle Card decks are less structured, can be a variety of things, from daily affirmations, one-word guidance or more in-depth spiritual messages.  The meanings are wide ranging and specific to the author’s vision.  A deck can also have as few or as many cards as the author wants, although the majority are around 44 (being a master number).  Angel oracle cards are the most popular, but there are also decks with illustrations of animals, gods and goddesses, crystals, the moon, unicorns and other mythical creatures. 


My Oracle Card Reading with Fiona came at a time when I was a bit lost to be honest. I didn’t expect the cards to ‘speak’ to me, but somehow she managed to do just that! I had a past, present future reading and it was so spot on on what has happened to me that I have a new sense of hope for the future. Fiona has a wonderful authentic approach, I would not hesitate to recommend her. I’ve already booked in for another reading this weekend!
Throughout the process I felt confident with your skills and you remained both professional and informative. Prior to my reading, I was feeling very lost and confused. I felt like I was constantly juggling many aspects of my life and about to drop something at any moment. The reading was incredibly clear and you explained how unusual it was for a card to be repeated within a reading, being aware of this allowed me to pay extra attention to that card. All of the cards felt very relevant and gave me the chance to look at my situation from a different view point.

Why Use Oracle Cards?

Oracle Cards are an amazing tool to obtain guidance, clarity and direction in your life.  They resonate with positive energy and have the power to give spiritual guidance and insight into the bigger picture.  They carry a message of hope helping to ease any anxieties or doubt you feel in your daily life.  You will always get a positive message

Oracle card readings are about fulfilling a purpose or helping you to be on the right path, rather than predictions of the future or telling you whether or not you should get back together with your ex.  However, messages from a reading can be very profound and important and may answer your question in a way you hadn’t expected.

Why come and see me?

Oracle Cards provide me with a mechanism to tune into the divine, the angels, the universe or source (whatever you like to call it!), and ask questions on your behalf.  By connecting with the cards, I am able to focus my intuition and provide you with the guidance you need, and very often a new perspective.   A reading is fun and informative and anyone can have one.

For me, an Oracle Card reading isn’t just about interpreting the cards pulled.  We talk about the messages I receive and how they can influence your life going forward. I see them as a personal development tool, often reflecting something you already know to be true, but just needed confirmation on.

As well as offering Past, Present and Future, 6 month and 12 month readings, I have devised several different types of reading with specific questions to ask to help obtain the guidance you need.   These include Self-Care and Spectrum Guidance.  I have lots of different fabulous Oracle Card decks, and will be drawn to the right one for you, or perhaps even the right two!

Please have a look at what I can offer you,  I would love for you to contact me if you have any questions.